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New entry in The Kapil Sharma Show: Raju Shrivastav confirms joining TKSS

One of India’s most popular stand-up comedians Raju Shrivastav is to join The Kapil Sharma Show after Kapil Sharma’s controversy with Sunil Grover aka Dr. Mashoor Gulati.

Raju Shrivastav told to media about his entry in the show and said he has started the shoot for his role, the comedian revealed news and described to NDTV “I don’t know how the channel is going to represent my character or my acts to the audience. But this is true that I’m shooting for the show and will feature in the show as a new entry“.

Raju Shrivastav to join The Kapil Sharma Show after Kapil-Sunil Grover Controversy

The new member of show Raju also described The Kapil Sharma Show’s entire team and the channel are happy with him and will call for more episodes. So we can say this is permanent replacement of most famous fictional character Dr. Mashoor Gulati.

There is nothing well between Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma after their fight in Australia when they were flying back to India, Kapil Sharma slapped and abused his most strong participant.

Kapil Sharma apologized to Sunil Grover through his twitter account but Sunil Grover is still upset with him and decided to never return to The Kapil Sharma Show. Sunil Grover said to media that he is currently focusing on love shows and nothing else.

In the last episode or episode without most entertaining fictional character Gulati, Raju Shrivastav along with two popular comedians Ehsaan Qureshi, Sunil Pal joined the show as the guest appearances but that episode failed to get the same response.

Now Raju Shrivastav will come as a new entry and new fictional character after Sunil Grover. And The Kapil Sharma Show is to continue without most loved character Dr. Mashoor Gulati.

Reportedly, Veteran comedian Johnny Lever’s daughter Jamie Lever may also join The Kapil Sharma Show. Let’s see how the show will get the response with these news faces.

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