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Here’s all about Hrithik Roshan and Angela Krislinzki Controversy

Hrithik Roshan posted a DNA report on his twitter account where Spanish-Indian actress Angela Krislinzki called her mentor and friend, and the actor replied that “My dear lady, who are you and why are u lying“.

This is the second time, Hrithik Roshan denies rumors after Kangan Ranaut controversy who called Hrithik Roshan as her silly ex and their fight in limelight for a long time last year.

Angela Krislinzki apologizes to Hrithik Roshan for misleading headlines and posted a long written message on her twitter account. The actress is a big fan of superstar Hrithik Roshan whose fantasy to do work with him.

Hrithik Roshan with Angela Krislinzki, she posted this on her Instagram account

She is a Spanish model and has worked in Telugu movie Rogue (2017) and Special Appearances in item songs in Telugu films Jyothi Lakshmi (2015), Size Zero (2016). 1993 born this young actress has also worked in more than 50 commercial advertisements.

But Angela Krislinzki’s Instagram photos say a lot of things about this controversy where she took the selfie with Hrithik Roshan. The actress also posted several photos along with other Bollywood celebrities.

Angela posted another photo with Hrithik Roshan

She wished Shahrukh Khan a happy birthday last year and posted a photo along with him on the official Instagram account and captioned “Happy birthday to BADSHAH of bollywood @iamsrk #shoot #tvc #videocon #actors #shahrukhkhan #angelakrislinzki #srk“.

So it’s clear that Angela Krislinzki knows Hrithik Roshan and also met him and the thing is very interesting to know that why Hrithik Roshan denies to recognize her.
Here’s the tweet by Hrithik Roshan after DNA report

Then Angela posted a long apology note to the actor

Hrithik Roshan twitted again after receiving a long apology note and that also retweeted by actress Angela.

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