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Kabali movie review: The biggest gift for Rajinikanth fans

Find a complete Kabali movie review. South Indian director Pa. Ranjith has earlier made some superhit Tamil films such as Atkatii and Madras. Now, he has collaborated with Superstar god figure actor Rajinikanth in gangster-drama Kabali, which already created huge buzz among the fans.

    • Movie Name
  • Release Date
    22 July 2016
  • Star cast
    Rajinikanth and Radhika Apte
  • Director
    Pa. Ranjith
  • Producer
    Kalaipuli S. Thanu
  • Genre
  • Budget
    110 crore


Kabali has primarily made in Tamil but the makers have also dubbed it into Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam and English to get the widest reach to the millions of Rajinikanth fans across the world. Let’s find out about Kabali in below mentioned movie review.


Kabali movie review

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Kabali is the story of a man named Kabalishvaran (Rajinikanth), who is immensely popular in Malaysia as Kabali. His life was going fantastic with his wife Rupa (Radhika Apte). Then suddenly, some crises happen and Kabali turns into a gangster.

Later on, he arrested and imprisoned for 25 years because of some 43 named gang. After completing his punishment, Kabali comes out of the jail and starts finishing its business in his own way. The story has lots of twists and turns followed by some high-end action sequences. This is a typical Rajinikanth kind of film traveling from Malaysia to India.


Although Kabali is regular action- thriller but the presence of Thalaiva Rajinikanth gives it a different visual treat. His every single appearance looks like a larger than life and you will mesmerize with his identical moves. We can say that Rajinikanth is Salman Khan of South Indian film industry and the script doesn’t play so much role in his film.

The cinematography of Kabaali is wonderful and the iconic scenic locations of Malaysia are magnificent. Few of the scenes would surely make you emotional.


Kabali is just a one man show, that is one and only Rajinikanth

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Well. just like his other films, Kabali is also the showcase of this legendary actor. Although, his presence is enough to give a super hit film but in the film, he also performs really very well. He has given his best to make those different characters memorable.

Radhika Apte has also done a wonderful job and you can easily feel her presence in between great Rajinikanth. She is not there for fillers but proved that she is a fantastic actress. All the other supporting star cast have performed very well.

Weak Points:

Length is the only factor of concern for Kabali and it could better if the duration of the film cut short to some extent but because it’s a Rajinikanth film, you will not bother it too much and enjoy the flick.

Final Words:

Kabali is out and out for mad lovers of Rajinikanth. They should not miss the film but those, who are not fans of him, can watch it once for the visual treat.


My Ratings to Kabali is 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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