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Madaari movie review: Irrfan Khan’s another finest showcase of immense talent

Director Nishikant Kamat, who is known for his action thrillers like Force (2011), Drishyam (2015) and Rocky Handsome (2016) had also worked with versatile actor Irrfan Khan in Mumbai Meri Jaan (2008), which had received rave reviews from the critics.

    • Movie Name
  • Release Date
    22 July 2016
  • Star cast
    Irrfan Khan, Jimmy Shergil, Vishesh Bansal and Tusshar Dalvi
  • Director
    Nishikant Kamat
  • Producer
    Irrfan Khan, Shailesh Singh and Madan Paliwal
  • Genre
    Social-thriller drama
  • Budget
    15 crore

Now, after 8 years, this duo of director-actor have once again back with another film titled Madaari. Let’s go through Madaari movie review and find out how the movie is.


Irrfan Khan in a still from Madaari

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The story of Madaari revolves around a common man Nirmal Kumar (Irrfan Khan), whose son has died due to a bridge collapse. This incident hugely affects Nirmal and he has decided to kidnap Home Minister’s son to take his revenge. He wants justice and willing to punish those are involved in this mishap.

Madaari is basically made to show the mirror to our system. It showcases how our system works. If a minister’s son kidnaps, the whole system gets into the search of the ‘Rajkumar’ but if the same thing happens to  poor people, then this system not even files their complaint.

What happens next? whether the culprits got punished? whether Nirmal gets his justice? This you would know after watching the film.


The script of Madaari is so confined and the credit should go to the writer. The story written by the writer clearly indicates our old age slow government system and he cleverly shows the mirror to the government. The locations used in the film are also magnificent.


Irrfan Khan as Madaari

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As usual, Irrfan is the life of Madaari. His intense dialogues and madness about his character are known to all of us. In most of the scenes, his eyes do the work. He quickly changes his gestures according to the situations and this is the biggest strength of Irrfan to live and get into his character. This is another feather in his flawless career.

The rest of the star cast including Jimmy Shergill, Vishesh Bansal, and Tusshar Delvi has also done a fantastic job in their roles.

Weak Points:

The only drawback in Madaari is its unwanted length. Post interval, it gets slow and lengthy, which might feel you bore. However, the climax is awesome but if the length of the film could be short, it will become more crispy and  interesting.

Last Words:

If you love these kinds of films related to our well-known system and himself experienced this kind of problems by our system, you surely love it. Plus if you are the lover of Irrfan and his acting, you should watch Madaari.


My Ratings to Madaari is 3 out of 5 stars.


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