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Mohenjo Daro 1st Monday (Independence Day) box office collections: Fails to perform as per the expectations

Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde starrer period-drama Mohenjo Daro has continued to disappoint everyone from its under-score performance at the box office. On 1st Monday, despite the big Independence Day Holiday, it hadn’t showed much growth and it resulted in a mediocre extended opening weekend.


Mohenjo Daro disappoints everyone with its below par performance at the box office

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Last Friday was one of the biggest release days for Bollywood as two big films Mohenjo Daro and Akshay’s Rustom. All were expecting that the competition would remain neck to neck as both of them were biggest superstars of the B-Town, but surprisingly, it becomes a one-sided affair as  Rustom has gone miles away from Mohenjo Daro.

The indications of this turn oil were seen on the opening day itself when Mohenjo Daro failed to get double figure start and only collected Rs 8.87 crore on Friday. Saturday was somehow better from the previous day but it still couldn’t make it to double figure with Rs 9.60 crore came in.

Sunday witnessed the best day for the film and it had collected Rs 12.07 crore. All were expecting that Mohenjo Daro will push upwards on Independence Day but again the result does not come in favour of the film and it has only got Rs 10.36 crore.

Now, the 4 days total of this Ashutosh Govarikar directorial has reached to mere Rs 40.90 crore which surely can’t match with the aura of Hrithik Roshan. These numbers clarify that people do not get what they were expecting from Mohenjo Daro plus the Rustom clash further gave several wounds to the makers.

Now, the coming terrain for Mohenjo Daro will even more tough and it will definitely receive some hard times in the first week.

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