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Raman Raghav 2.0 movie review: One more feather on Nawazuddin’s hat


    • Movie Name
      Raman Raghav 2.0
  • Release Date
    24 June 2016
  • Star cast
    Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vicky Kaushal and Simmi Dhulipala
  • Director
    Anurag Kashayap
  • Producer
    Anurag Kashyap
  • Genre
  • Budget
    4 crore


After giving the disastrous big budget film like Bombay Velvet (2015), Anurag Kashyap is back as a director with real life based film Raman Raghav 2.0.

Raman Raghav 2.0 movie review

Raman Raghav 2.0 movie review

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He said after Bombay Velvet’s flop show that he will be back stronger and like his words Raman Raghav 2.0 is fantastic film featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui as serial killer Raman Raghav.

Last time, Anurag shown his faith on big superstars like Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma but this time he is back with ‘actor’ Nawaz, who will surely not let him down. Let’s go through Raman Raghav 2.0 movie review and find out how this film is.


Raman Raghav 2.0 is the story based on 1960’s psychopathic serial killer, who murdered more than 40 people. The film is transformed as of modern day. Ramanna (Nawazuddin) is a psychopathic killer and he kills people just for fun.

Raman Raghav 2.0 movie review

Raman Raghav 2.0 poster showcasing Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Vicky Kaushal

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He goes to Mumbai Police and takes the responsibility of 9 murders but no one takes him seriously and do not believe him. There is also a police officer in the film called Raghavan (Vicky Kaushal), who is a serious drug addict. He lives with his girlfriend Simi (Sobhita Dhulipala).

Ramanna continues his brutal killings and Raghavan tries to catch him but he gets stuck in between his drug addiction and girlfriend.


Raman Raghav 2.0 revolves around a serial killer, his killings, a police officer and his girlfriend. Film’s length is too long and also very slow. After first half, it loses its grip for some time. The duration of the murder scene’s could be shorten. Plus the romantic angle between Vicky and Simmi could be cut short for a bit.


Raman Raghav 2.0 is only depend on Nawazuddin’s shoulder’s. As a serial killer, Nawaz has created a benchmark, which will not to be compete  by anyone in near future. His dialogue delivery, facial expressions and the way of killing will force you to clap and you will say this is called acting.

Vicky Kaushal and Simmi have also performed very well but during the entire tenure of the film, your eyes only finds one man and i.e. Nawaz.

Raman Raghav 2.0 poster

Raman Raghav 2.0 offcial trailer


Last words:

As I said earlier, Raman Raghav 2.0 is the true showcase of finest acting skills and even those who do not like this kind of cinema will love to watch Nawaz as a serial killer. You should watch Raman Raghav once to know what acting is actually called as. It’s a paisa vasool film.


My Rating for Raman Raghav 2.0 is 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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