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Shahrukh Khan Birthday Special: 10 Inspirational Quotes by Him

Shah Rukh Khan is one of most intellectual personalities in Indian Film Industry. SRK’s journey from television to biggest star of Bollywood is such an inspirational chapter, that might help everyone to achieve their goals. Here we are presenting Shahrukh Khan Birthday Special 10 Inspirational Quotes by Him.

2 November 1965 born Shah Rukh Khan established himself among top actors across the world. According to the sources, the actor is celebrating his 52nd birthday with media in a 5-star hotel in Mumbai.

Shah Rukh Khan Quotes

Shah Rukh Khan Quotes

1 Whenever I fail as a father or husband. A toy and a diamond always work.

2 I’d like to believe there’s a little Hitler or Napoleon in me. Even if I try, I can’t be as selfless as Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa.

3 Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.

4 I’m running in a race and people are running on the other track, I’m in a race with myself.

5 I walk, I run, in the direction of my dreams. Things change along the way, people change, I change, the world changes, even my dreams change.

6 I’d die if people won’t recognize me. I would not be able to walk on the road if people didn’t mob me. That’s what I work for.

7 My biggest regret is that the movie I rise higher in life, the more I miss my mother.

8 The dream I chased, took me on a journey. A journey more rewarding than the goals.

9 Stand by what you believe in. People who mind don’t matter and people who matter won’t mind.

10 You never win the silver, you only lose the gold.

Hope you liked these inspiring quotes. Wish the biggest movies star in comments below on his 52nd Birthday.

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