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Video: Shama Sikander short film Sexaholic avtar

Shama- Sikander-sexaholic

Shama Sikander short film Sexaholic avtar

Television actress Shama Sikander, known from popular show Yeh Meri Life Hai, has now dramatically transformed into a hot glamour girl in a recently released short film titled Sexaholic. Shama has played a nymphomaniac in this documentary subjected to those who have extra ordinary sex desire than a normal person.

Directed by Shailendra Singh, Sexaholic will leave you shocked as Shama showcases her hot side by not only giving kissing scenes, but also have not faced any problems by giving intimate scenes as a sex addict.

In a recent talk with a media house, Shama said that it is definitely not easy for a simple and ordinary girl t gives these kinds of bold scenes but she gave it with full confidence. Although she also added that this short film is the medium for her to get the big break in Bollywood.


According to her, Shailendra Singh, the maker of this short film is her very good friend and this is also a reason behind giving her nod to this hot and bold documentary.

Sexaholic is the story of a normal educated house wife, who is suffering from a rare disease in which she becomes sex addict and had slept with more than 24 men in one day in the absence of his husband. Later on, his husband sent her to the doctors which informed him about her disease.

Shama was in news for battling with depression for a very long time and this journey of her from being a simple girl to this glamorous sexy girl was not easy. This short film will probably give her what she deserves.

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1 Comment

  1. rakhi

    March 8, 2016 at 7:25 am

    is this movie is based on a real story??

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